Tips on Getting the Best Man and Van Service

Do you need quick man and van services? You will find numerous ads on Craigslist and other classifieds. Man and van services are popular for flexibility in moving small or few items. This could be an office desk or a sofa which would be too bulky for your car and too small for a removals truck. This is the most affordable service as man and service services start as low as twenty pounds. When hiring a man and van service you could use a few tips to get the best.

  • What is the size of the van?

You will need a van that can carry all items you need in one go. How bulky are the items you need to carry, and how urgently do you need them delivered? You can get a lower price by having a van that is moving on the same route deliver several items in one go. If you need one item delivered urgently, you can negotiate for a price by taking a smaller van.

  • How many hands do you need?

The good thing with hiring a man and van service is that you get a pair of hands to help moving your items. If you need to move bulky and heavy items like an office desk or home furniture, you can pay extra for more people on the job. Compare the job at hand and the pair of hands you would need on it.

  • How reliable?

Is there a review on the man and van service on customer websites, and if so what are the reviews? If there are no reviews, ask the service to give references and check them out. This is a step you cannot ignore as the service if you need to move fragile or delicate items. You will need a service that has a solid reputation of making safe deliveries.

  • Is the service insured?

Is the man and service covered by insured? There are always risks involved in moving items as the items can get broken, or damaged. There is a risk of theft or misplacement. The van could also get involved in an accident. You will need a service that can replace or repair your items if they get damaged when moving.

  • Local route?

If you are doing a business involving home deliveries or need to move items in an unfamiliar area, you will need a man and van service that has good knowledge of the local routes and lanes. This ensures that your deliveries are made in time.

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