Need A Tattoo Of Your Favorite Artist?

Amongst the ever growing list of tattoo junkies, having a tattoo highlight what the individual loves or identify themselves with is a feat with no equal. And among the large tattoo ideas mostly revered by the tattooists and the enthusiasts alike are tattoos of their music icon. It is probably expected, particularly because music is universal and makes everyone free.

Fusing your addiction to the ink with your love for iconic music stars

In the music world and most importantly pop music, the glamor of flaunting one’s tattoo seem to be the newest craze. But when an ardent lover of music goes ahead and fuses their love with their identity, the glamor indeed goes beyond. It is often great when you choose the legendary, evergreen artists like Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and Stevie Wonder.

Which part of the body – should I be tattooed?

Regardless of whether the art is drawn in the body, the amount of pleasure is basically the same. Some prefer ankle tattoos & arm tattoos, while other delights when the art appears in the chest or at the back. But there’s a seemingly insane group who prefer to go above and beyond and have the art in bizarre parts of the body, including in the eye and at the vagina.

As much as the music tattoo symbols still thrive, we can be sure that the art will never die. You can have your favorite music quote tattoo, an instrumental picture tattoo or even the image of someone you identify yourself with. For instance, we’ve seen Frankie Beverly Maze, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Stevie Wonder, The Isley Brothers as incredible individuals in the tattoo world.

Does it mean that a music and artist inspired tattoo is the best?

Maybe – although tattoo Consultancy Services in our next post might help!

Trust me, there are an infinite number of tattoo designs worth copying, but music and having the piercings right in your skin is a bond that seems like a match made for each other. It is never about having a huge symbol as even a subtle line of the artist is enough. But of course, it boils down to how you would love to express yourself.

About the price of a tattoo

Pricing tattoos is a topic that’s as debatable as the meaning of one’s design. But on the surface, the price of a tattoo depends on such aspects as the color, its size and whether it is a temporary tattoo or a permanent one.

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