What is Involved in End of Tenancy Cleaning London?

When moving out of your expired tenancy, your mind rings on a thousand other things than cleaning. However, this is a chore that you cannot escape. The tenancy agreement says that the house should be left in a state close to how you found it. This will be seen in the landlord’s moving in the inventory report.  Thorough cleaning has to be done lest the landlord raises a dispute and refuses to release your tenancy deposit. The best option is to have a professional cleaning service do the end of tenancy cleaning such that it is indisputable. How does a professional cleaning service do it?

  • Cleaning the living room area

This area of the house is likely to have more accumulated dirt than anywhere else as it is the meeting point. It will have mud in the carpet, pet dander, food spills and other remnants of a normal family. Cleaning the living room involves soft and hard furniture cleaning and polishing, steam cleaning the upholstery if necessary, cleaning the windows, vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpet.    Any areas of the floor not covered by the carpet should also be cleaned and polished.

  • Cleaning the kitchen

The shelves, cabinets and closets must be emptied all the accumulated debris and cleaned. The oven should be degreased and wiped down with antiseptic to prevent mould growth.  Areas behind the fridge and other movable items should also be cleaned.

  • Bathroom cleaning

All marks and stains on the bathroom tiles and walls should be cleaned off. The lime scale on the showerhead should be scraped off as well as the soap scum on the bathroom floor and drainage holes. The mirrors should be cleaned and polished.

  • Cleaning the bedroom

The area under the bed should be cleaned. The carpet and rugs should be vacuumed. The walls and ceiling should be dusted and all cobwebs removed. The bedroom cabinets, wardrobes, and bedside cabinet should be emptied and cleaned. The window curtains should be cleaned and the window panes polished.

  • Cleaning the hallways, stairs and landings

These areas that get a lot of footwork should be mopped and vacuumed to take off caked in dirt. The markings on the wall should be wiped down including cleaning the wall switches and sockets.

  • Other areas

A standalone housing unit will have extra work on the outside including cleaning the veranda and picking up any rubbish in the garden.

The benefits of engaging an End of Tenancy Cleaning London service far outweigh the costs of hiring one. The house will get a thorough cleaning that will pass any examination by the landlord making it possible to get your tenancy deposit faster.

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