How to Get Tattoos You Will Never Regret

Apparently, one in three people who have been inked wish they had never done it.  Tattoo regret is real and is the result of having not put much thought into a tattoo or having the wrong tattooist. Either way, it hurts to get a tattoo of your skin and it hurts your pocket too with laser removal costing almost four times what it would cost to get a tattoo.  How then can you get a tattoo you can live with the rest of your life proudly showing it off?

Research your design

Are you thinking of putting up a mythical beast on your belly? How will it look when you are 60 padding around the swimming pool with a hanging potbelly? What is the mythical beast in the first place, and what does it stand for?  If you are having a tattoo for the first time, it is a good idea to spend lots of time on the net looking up general info about tattoos, tattooists and tattoo designs.

It’s not about the money

They say cheap is expensive. Shopping around for the cheapest tattooist on Craigslist is not a smart idea. A tattoo can be compared to a lifelong investment. Put good money into great work and you will always be proud of it.

Get a good tattooist

Do not let off the manic hunt for a good tattooist. There are plenty of tattooists but few are exceptional. Visit shops physically and check out the tattooist at work. If he is confident enough to show you past work and patient enough to answer all your questions, you are on to a good tattooist. If you are not sure, plan on getting a small tattoo that you can build on later. The good thing is that a good tattooist will offer some great insights into the design you choose, how it will look on your skin, placement and caring for the tattoo.

Be sure

Getting a few opinions from your friends is alright, but in the end, the skin is yours. If you have done your research properly, you should be confident enough of what you pick. Do not be swayed by other opinions lest you start having random tattoos all over.

Good aftercare

A good design can be ruined by bad healing. Be careful to follow the instructions on caring for the healing tattoo. If the tattoo heals well, the design should come out as intended. If you get an infection and scarring, you will be an early candidate for tattoo regret.

Basically, the two overriding principles to a good tattoo are good research and a good tattooist. The rest of the details will fall in correctly when you get this right.

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