Business Licensing – Tattoos, Body Piercing, and Body Art

Across all states in the US, getting a tattoo business licensing is subject to where the business is located. The document is mandatory for the industry to be regulated and thus control and prevent the spread of various harms associated with tattooing. But you must understand that getting a business license for a tattoo parlor in the US varies with the State and Locality where one is positioned.

In Texas, any tattoo, body art and body piercing business must be licensed and the license document is only available at the State Health Services Department. The authorities will also do a thorough inspection of the tattoo and body piercing studio so that they can determine if it complies with state and local laws. Upon satisfactorily meeting the regulations, the artist is then awarded the license.

In New York, getting a tattoo license is subject to completing a three-hour Infection Control Course and passing the subsequent test administered by the state’s Health and Mental Hygiene department. It means that one must apply and do a follow-up later. And once one gets the certificate, it is important that he/she doesn’t sell it or transfer to another tattoo shop owner.

Licensing requirements

One important factor that ought to be considered before applying for the license is its cost. Tattoo establishment licenses cost something like $200 or so. After submitting the application, inspection is done, and it may be free or paid-for. Other items include having the Tax receipt that shows if one has paid their county or city taxes.

About the Bloodborne Pathogens certificate

The document isn’t meant for those who do tattoos only – it extends to individuals skilled in body art, piercings and any other art with a risk exposure to blood and other bodily fluids. It is only issued when the person has completed the course and understood how the pathogens spread as well as how one can stay away from them.

The course is nowadays offered online, mostly through the American Safety Council, which also make it easy for many individuals to obtain the relevant document. At National CPR Foundation website, there’s an option to do the course and then sit the exams or delve directly to the tests. Tests aren’t free, and one has to chuck out a few bucks, and, of course, a person needs a computer and reliable internet to do the examinations.

Which types of computers are the best for tattoo and body piercing business?

Look out for the next post that tackles the issue of computers in tattooing and which ones are the most ideal for your business.

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